We go out of our way to make your experience with us as valuable and rewarding as possible.  Here is a small selection of what our previous clients are saying about us:


“I knew I had made the right decision in studying with the NZ School of Coaching because I found that at almost every step of the process, I was encouraged and supported in a way I had never imagined possible.  I have learnt so much about myself and other people and I am confident in my ability to Coach. People at the NZSC were helpful and flexible, eager to see me succeed and their experience and professionalism shone through. I am delighted with the choice I made.”  Elaine Taylor, 2012.


"Getting my Life Coach training with Margaret Wyn, was the first and best step I have taken in my career as a Life Coach. Her experience, insight and understanding gave me the perfect learning environment to uncover my coaching skills and develop them professionally. Her calm and gentle manner was re-assuring and her genuine care in my progress made the experience enlightening. A remarkable Teacher, Mentor and Coach!" Lysa Black Co-Founder & Life Coach at Lysa and Gina Ltd 2012
Service Category: Life Coaching Trainer
Year first hired: 2008
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity


"I was referred to Margaret Wyn, as a Business Coach from the NZ School of Coaching by one of my friends.  I am very pleased that I decided to work with Margaret as I have achieved what I set out to do and explored other areas I hadn’t realised were important, and had fun doing it!  


At the time I was in a position of setting up a business and also had a full life. I felt I needed to focus on my communication skills with customers and suppliers, so that I got the best outcome in various situations.  Coaching gave me the confidence and tools to try new things with people and new ways of thinking. As a result I feel far more confident to deal with a wide variety of business issues in a clear and confident way. My strengths have developed and I have learnt a lot about myself.  If you want to develop your business skills, I can definitely recommend Margaret Wyn as a Business Coach. " Silmara, Luxo Ltd Director







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