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Most Frequently asked questions – Level 1 Applied Coach Education Programme



I have no previous Coach Specific Training.  Where should I start? 

Even if you have been coaching before, the best place to start is our Level 1 Programme.  The Level 1 Programme is called “Applied Coach Education Level 1"


How are you different to other training organisations providing Coach Specific Training?

  • You receive 1:1 exclusive tuition with a Professional Coach who is also trained as a Tutor. (no anonymous group webinars or seminars, boring videos to watch)
  • You will not have any travel or accommodation costs, saving you a lot of money
  • Your Tutor will work with you right through the programme
  • Your Tutor will customize the programme to suit your learning needs and specialty and the experiences you bring.  We can concentrate on specific topics or skip over material you already know.
  • We can help you develop your own specific niche in which you plan to work as a Coach e.g. Career Coaching, Life Coaching, Executive Coaching.
  • If you don’t know your niche yet, we will help you find it!
  • Our training material has been developed by a New Zealand based and educated Professional Coach and caters for different cultures as well as local and international students
  • You will receive a comprehensive manual for each part of the programme you enrol in
  • You can pause the programme at any point without any penalties and resume when you are ready
  • You can withdraw from the programme and stop paying at any point during the programme, as long as your current week is paid.

If you have paid up front and wish to withdraw, you will be refunded the balance of your fees.   (Note that nobody has ever done this, because we have had a 100% success rate with customer satisfaction!)

  • This is an exclusive School and we train selected students (compared to other schools who train people in bulk)
  • You will be studying at a pace appropriate to your level of existing knowledge and ability (compared to other schools who put you in a class with a wide variety of abilities)
  • Once you graduate, you still have access to your Tutor for ongoing help and mentoring


What do I need to do to complete the programme and become certified?

You will need to successfully complete all four Units in the programme to become Certified (Cert. Coaching NZSC) with the NZ School of Coaching. Successful completion means:

  • Attending classes and completing all learning modules and homework
  • Paying your fees for the complete programme
  • Successfully passing a written exam with a 70% score or better (This exam is done during Unit 3)
  • Recording at least one of your coaching sessions with a client, submitting it to your Tutor and receiving written and verbal feedback on how the session went, based on the Core Competencies you have been trained on
  • Upon completion, you will receive a Certificate in Coaching


Do I have to attend classes?

You do have to attend classes, but these are in the form of skype classes, where you simply sign in at a pre-organised time from your home or office to work through the series of coaching modules which your Tutor will send you.

Homework is required to be completed by the student and discussed at the following week's class. You will interact with the Tutor who you are appointed to. He or she will overview your progress and will follow up on your homework assignments. We are flexible with the times you have your classes, preferring them to be Monday – Friday, between the hours of 9 – 5. 


What are the topics I need to study?

The programme is divided into Four Units.  Below are listed the topics we cover with you:

Unit 1: Essential Coach Skills 1

We cover the core coaching competencies as identified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

  • Setting the Foundation 
  • Co-creating the Relationship
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Facilitating Learning and Results
  • Topics include the academic aspects: The Psychology of Coaching, The keys to successful change and two different coaching models to work with.  You will learn the NZSC’s models of coaching called: Strategic Model of Coaching and QUEST.
  • You receive a comprehensive manual of notes supporting the above topics.
  • Paperwork and the basic processes you will need to be a Professional Coach are also included.


Unit 2:    Essential Coach Skills 2

You will be trained to use relevant coaching tools which will help you work effectively with your clients.  Tools relevant to your specific niche will be covered.

Examples include:

  • Goal setting
  • Values
  • Needs
  • Psychological Profiling
  • Life Vision
  • Life Purpose
  • NLP - introduction to some basic tools
  • Negative patterns of thinking


Unit 3:  Business Development

This unit gives you the core skills in marketing and business which will help you get your coaching business off the ground.

  • The Business of Coaching
  • Your Business Plan
  • Marketing approach
  • Practice Building
  • How to get your new clients
  • Road blocks to building a successful pratice
Unit 4: Practical
You are mentor/coached throughout this part of the programme, as you work with actual clients.  This is the time to practice your skills in a safe environment.  You will do a minimum of 15 hours of coaching with two or three clients. At this stage of the programme, we also add in specific individualised extra training modules in an areas related to your coaching niche (which we will have helped you identify), so this part of the programme is tailored to your needs.  

Can I study just a few topics?

Yes, you can complete a selection of units - for example you might only want to commit to Unit 1 to see if Coaching is right for you.   However, you will need to complete all four units to become a Certified Coach.


What sort of people is this programme most suited to?

This programme is designed for:

  • Individuals with relevant life experience who want to establish an independent coaching practice
  • Individuals with previous experience in a related profession who wish to add Coaching to their competency set.
  • Individuals who wish to learn how to empower and relate to people for their own personal development.
  • People with no previous coach specific training. 


What are the overall outcomes of the Programme?

You will learn best practice techniques and tools and will, by the completion of the programme, will be a competent and confident Professional Coach

  • You will know and how to achieve genuine, measurable, sustainable change by using best-practice behavioral coaching techniques
  • A solid understanding of the skills and approaches used within today’s coaching profession as defined by the International Coach Federation
  • You will be able to work in a range of Coaching Specializations e.g. Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Career Coaching etc.


What do I need to do to get started?

All you need do is to Contact Us to ask us further questions or to register your intention to commence the programme and think about when you would like to start and we will accommodate your request wherever possible. You can contact us for a chat about your specific needs.  As a general rule, we start new students on the first Wednesday of every month. 

You will also need to think about whether you wish to become a fully Certified Professional Coach, which means doing Units 1 - 4, or wish to do only parts of the programme.   A Tutor will make contact with you to go through your registration and to make sure you are on the right programme. 


Can I get a student loan with the NZ Government Study Scheme?

We focus our training on international accreditation standards and therefore are not NZ Qualification Framework certified. We do this because we have found that the qualifications you complete with us are relevant to the International Coaching market


How long does it take to complete the whole programme?

Unit 1 will take

  • 12 hours of of in-class (synchronous, i.e. with a tutor in real time) work with your Tutor
  • A minimum of 2 hours of self-study and projects is required (Asynchronous - i.e. in your own time)
  • Unit 1 takes a total of 14.50 hours over a period of 12 weeks 


Unit 2 will take

  • 8 weeks of synchronous sessions with your Tutor for a total of 8 hours
  • A minimum of 2 hours coaching practice in your own time (Asynchronous)
  • Unit 2 takes a total of 10 hours over a period of 8 weeks 


Unit 3 will take

  • 15 weeks of synchronous sessions with your Tutor for a total of 8.0 hours
  • There will be a further number of homework hours (minimum of 2)
  • Unit 3 takes a total of 10.50 hours ove 8 weeks


Unit 4 will take

  • 15 hours of synchronous sessions with your Tutor over 15 weeks
  • In addition you will be working in your own time to accrue 15 hours of actual coaching with a client
  • Plus you will do a further 4.5 hours of homework and research


If you complete the programme without any interruptions you can expect the programme to take 43 weeks from beginning to end.  However, we do allow for interruptions for instances such as illness and personal issues or if you need a "week off" to review your study. In addition, if you do can you are able to speed the programme up by having classes twice a week instead of the usual weekly classes.  

If you wish to accelerate your programme beyond this, we can discuss the time frame you were wanting to work to and will endeavor to meet your needs, as long as the learning quality is not compromised.


What are the fees for the Programme?

The fees for Units 1 to 4 are shown below:

  • Unit 1 is $NZD187.50 per week over a 12 week period
  • Unit 2 is $NZD187.50 per week over a 8 week period
  • Unit 3 is $NZD187.50 per week over a 8 week period
  • Unit 4 is $NZD187.50 per week over a 15 week period
  • We can discount the fees by 10% if you wish to pay in full ($NZD8062.50). Fees must be paid before the first day of training to qualify for the discount.


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