Level 3 Summary


Level 3 – Masters in Coaching

At the top of the field in Coaching and seeking further education and development relevant to your specialization in Coaching?

This programme is aimed at those Coaches with significant previous coach specific training and coaching experience.  It is designed for the coach practitioner and is focused on education and personal development and a contribution to the coaching profession. The Masters programme is aimed at those who see themselves as leaders in the coaching profession and wish to contribute to the body of research and published information in and around Coaching.


This programme is suitable for highly experienced coaches who have completed Level 2 with the NZSC or who are able to cross-credit from an alternative suitable coach education programme.  It is likely that those undertaking this programme will have gained their PCC with the ICF or an equivalent accreditation organization and will be on a path towards gaining their MCC (or equivalent) with the ICF. 

Consistent with our education philosophy of individualised, competency based training, the Applied Coach Education Level 3 Programme is focused on the subject matter relevant to your personal and business skill needs.  We use ACCELERATED learning techniques and experiential learning.  The learning environment is a self-directed and self-paced one, consistent with the application of our STRATEGIC COACHING MODEL principles.   At Masters Level, you will be working 1:1 with your Tutor.

By the completion of the programme you will have:

  • Completed a 20 hour practicum
  • Attended 20 hours of professional supervision
  • Produced a body of research relevant to the coaching profession
  • Published a thesis relevant to and contributing to the coaching profession
  • Presented your research/body of knowledge at a Coaching Conference

The programme positions you as a leader in coaching profession.  Your name will be synonymous with being in the “top of the field.”  The specific timeframes for your programme are as negotiated with you and your tutor; however the programme will require a minimum of 6 months for completion and a maximum of 12 months.

On successful graduation from the programme, a Masters qualification is presented to the student.  Successful graduation requires:

  • Completion of the body of knowledge/research
  • Presentation of that research/knowledge at a Coaching Conference
  • A “pass” grade as assessed by a NZSC assessment panel 

80% of each topic involves direct interaction with the Tutor.  The balance is practical field work.

Books and resources

Additional resources and books may be required to be purchased. Please allow a budget of approximately $200 for these resources.

Distance learning?

The programme is ideally suited to distance learning via Skype.


$3500 plus GST (NZ$)

Application for enrolment

An application procedure is required, which includes an interview with the Principal of the School and submission of evidence of prior coach training and experience. Application is to be made in writing to:  (can be emailed to: Margaret@nzschoolofcoaching.com)


NZ School of Coaching Ltd


We offer only limited spaces for this specialist programme.  Please advise us of your availability and we will endeavor to work in with your schedule.




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