Professional Supervision Training

This programme is recommended for the Provider of Professional Supervision Services who works with either the Public or Private Sector. The increasing need for Professional Supervisors in a wide variety of fields makes this course a valuable resource. Attendees will be experienced in their field and will have formalised qualifications.

Training Outcomes

  • Competence in working with people as a Professional Supervisor
  • Understanding and competence in merging your existing practice with professional supervision and knowing the difference between the two.
  • Model used: “Reflective Learning in Supervision”
  • Successful students (completion of the programme) receive 8 credits and a Certificate in Professional Supervision
  • Students will learn:
    • Introduction to Professional Supervision
    • The Application of Professional Supervision
    • Professional Supervision models
    • Professional Supervision tools
    • Professional Supervision methods
    • Supervision Agreement, Documentation and record keeping
    • Practical Assignment
    • You will be required to undertake a practicuum as part of this programme, which will involve you supervising an individual and discussing this with your tutor


    • The programme is 8 hours long
    • Conducted over 8 weeks, with weekly modules sent to you for discussion with your Tutor using Skype technology to connect where location prohibits an in-person meeting.  
      You can commence the programme at any date, subject to agreement with your Tutor.
      Trainees will receive comprehensive notes with the programme.


    • The programme is an 8 hour unit and costs $1000NZD

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